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After Care

Updated: May 12, 2021

Invisible Bonds :

Keep roots clean and oil free by washing it as often as needed with the dedicated Shampoo. Rinse hair with water then add shampoo . Gently work the shampoo through your hair from roots to the ends , rinse it then repeat it. Dont be rough with the hair , gently massaging the shampoo & the conditioner will help you to keep the extensions in a good condition... Moisturise it from mids to ends with Conditioner. Spray Leave-in conditioner /heat protector onto mids-ends to give protection and shine to the hair . Brush towel dry hair with a bristle brush thoroughly, starting from the ends work your way up to the roots , then part your hair in sections and brush roots row by row. Dry your hair starting with the roots (use mid heat as higher heat might cause damage to the bonds ). Only heat style it if you hair is fully dry . Heat styling on wet /damp hair will fry your extensions and your natural hair !

Occasionally go through the extensions with your fingers and separate them if they are sticking together , to help prevent matting .

Do not go to bed with wet hair , always dry it first. Put it in one or two braids to avoid matting whilst sleeping. This will also give you a nice beach wave style in the morning .

Brush hair at least twice a day . Use leave in conditioner as often as needed before brushing to keep the hair hydrated. Use it from mids to ends . Do not brush hair if there is hair spray on it , it might cause damage/breakage.

Avoid putting the followings onto or close to the scalp & bonds :

Any kind of OILS , DRY SHAMPOO, HAIR TREATMENTS, HAIR MASKS ,HAIRSPRAY , HAIR TONIC or any products that contains either Alcohol and/or oils.

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