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The Invisible Bonds Method

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Invisible Bonds are the most discreet and safe hair-extensions. They are custom made to match your natural hair density. Invisible Bonds are light weight and safe for all hairtypes , even for naturally thin hair. The Bonds are applied one by one , mostly with hot fusion , although you can choose them to be fitted with cold fusion too.


Fringe Install: up to 1 hour

Half head Install: 1.5-2hrs

Full head Install: 3-3.5hrs

Limited Install: 4-6hrs

Maintenance ( hair-ext. removal + refit ) :

Invisibonds should be removed and re-installed

every 2-2.5 months on thin/fine hair

every 3-3.5 months on average or thick hair .

Removal process :

Removal liquid being applied to the Bonds , then the keratin squeezed by a hair-extension plier, then the strands removed .

Re application :

The hair ( if reusable, for example Salvic raw or Russian pre coloured or Indian Raw hair) being re-tipped and customised , then re-installed.

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