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At GET THAT HAIR, we know the right treatment can make you look—and feel—like a million dollars. We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products for added luxury. Take time to pamper yourself by booking an appointment today.

Pricing & Services

Invisible Bonds Install

Half Head £165
Full Head £215
/ hair is not included /

GET THAT HAIR's signature ,Invisible Bond Hair-Extensions are the perfect method for thin/fine or any other hair type. They are  lightweight and tension free, giving a naturally beautiful and fuller  look without the worry of your extensions being exposed... we supply Russian, Slavic and Raw Indian hair as well , to get an idea on hair prices , please go to the Blog/Hair sources & prices section. 
Book a consultation today to get a quote /go to Book online / Consultation & Test strands Install/ .

Fringes Install / Invisible Bonds 

Fringes only install  £55-£110 

/ hair is not included /

 you'll need approximately 5-10 grams of hair for the fringes. 

hair extensions Manchester

California Weave Install

1 row    £20 / was £30/

2 rows  £40 /was £60/

3 rows  £60 /was £90/

4 rows  £80 /was £120/

/hair is not included/

California Weave hair-extensions are a great choice if you are after a quicker but quality  installation at a more affordable price.

Prices shown above do not include the cost of the hair . You can bring your own wefts or purchase it from GET THAT HAIR official. We can provide both high quality & budget hair / Indian Remy double or single drawn/ also can provide Brazilian hair in almost all hair texture /body weave, kinky , yaki etc. 

Consultation & Colour-match needed to establish the suitability of your natural hair, before booking this service.

About California Weave hair-extensions:

This method was perfected to create a safe & comfortable sewn in method that is suitable for almost all hair type and hair texture . The natural hair is secured into rows by micro-rings then one weft is placed underneath ,another one above the row ,then it's being securely sewn in. The rows are comfortable ,comparing to other weave methods, they are not bulky ,that the natural hair covers the attachments even if the hair is being put up in a pony or bun.

Removal & Re-install in every 6-8 weeks.

hair extensions
hair extensions
hair extensions Manchester

Hair-Extensions Removal

From £35 
/this service is charged hourly/
Clarifying Wash & Dry /no curly blow dry/ can be added for £18

Hair Extensions Removal service is charged hourly.
If you had your Hair-Extensions installed else where please book a consultation first before you book this service .
Clarifying Wash & Dry is not included, please let us know if you'll require this service as well.

nano ring hair extensions Manchester

Non-surgical Hair Replacement System


This service will be available in a few weeks time . This is a revolutionary method , /different from Mesh Integration system / providing with a more comfortable and secure feeling whilst having to wear a hair system...

k tip hair extensions Manchester

Highlights / Toner,  Olaplex , Wash & Dry and a Trim is included , Restyle haircut isn't/

Back to back Foils £50/HOUR 

Half Head £95
Full Head £125
Added lowlights from £18

At GET THAT HAIR, our Highlights  service is a little different than you might find elsewhere. We use Olaplex to protect your hair from damage. Half Head Highlights include  Baby Lights around your hairline to make the highlights look more natural, also a few foils at the nape area to give a full highlight look when your hair is up in a bun. Please book a Patch Test and a consultation before you book this service.

hair extensions

Colouring , Haircut , Hot Styling

Roots  colouring from £40 / a Trim + Wash&Dry included//roots no longer than 1inch/
Colour correction £50/HOUR / estimated timeframe will be given during the consultation/

Back to back foils £50/HOUR 
Restyle Haircut /added to any colouring service / £18
Restyle Haircut + Wash&Dry as an individual service £45
Hot Styling £12 if added to any other services
Hot styling as an individual service £20

This is your Service Description. Use this space to explain this service in more detail.

invisible bonds hair extensions

Hair Extension types , sources & prices

At GET THAT HAIR we provide

Slavic Luxury Raw hair from £690/100g/18inches

Russian Pre-coloured hair from £370/100g/20inches


 there is NO silicon or other chemical layer on them , therefore the  quality is second to none , last longer and gives a 100% natural look to its wearer .

All our hairs are sourced directly from the origin Countries.
Slavic Luxury Raw hair sourced form all over Eastern Europe. Each pony tail comes from one individual's head.This type of hair is the highest quality in the market, it comes 100% natural , no chemical treatments , no colouring done, each pony has it's own natural  texture & colour. It can last for years with the correct after care. Can be left to dry naturally /just like your own hair/ as it's texture is natural , there is no need for heat styling. It can also be custom coloured to any colour .
Russian Pre-Coloured hair comes directly from West-Russia. The hair is gently and expertly  coloured in Russia , comes in straight/lightly wavy - deep wavy textures, you can leave it to dry on its own for a wavy texture or easy blow dry it to straight. Lifespan is 1-2 years with the correct after care . This is our most popular Hair as it is outstanding quality at an affordable price.
Indian Raw Hair comes directly from India, the hair is thoroughly cleaned but it does not go through any other chemical treatment. It comes in it's natural dark brown level2 shade and it can be bleached/coloured up to a level 6. Keeping it's natural shades it can last for up to 1.5- 2 years with the correct after care. Good after-care is the key to keep your hair-extensions in a good condition...

hair extensions

Micro/Nano Ring Install

Nano & Micro rings Install is still on OFFER  for £0.90 / strand

 Hair is not included .

At the moment , we don't provide the hair for Nano / Micro rings , you'll need to bring your own hair to be installed . We advice you to book a consultation first that we can advise you on whether micros/nanos are suitable for your hair type, also can give you an idea of what shades of hair extensions  to purchase ...


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